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The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE) is an entity in the UAE. MOHRE Registered Labor Accommodation has played a key role in regulating labor laws and policies across the country. It is one of the important areas that it looks after. It ensures legal and adequate labor accommodation through MOHRE. The purpose of MOHRE registered labor accommodation is to care for the workers who have played their role in improving the country’s economy. In this blog, we will give you an overview of several aspects of MOHRE. These include inspection,  paperwork, and requirements. A list of pre-registered options is also provided. Let's get started!


Why it is Necessary to Choose MOHRE Registered Labor Accommodation?

There are several reasons why employees look forward to getting registered with MOHRE for labor accommodation. MOHRE registered labor accommodation aims to provide suitable, hygienic living quarters to help attract and retain talented employees. Besides that, it also fulfills legal obligations to care for laborers. Some key benefits of MOHRE registered labor accommodation include:

  • Compliance with national labor standards upholding workers' basic rights and dignity

  • Eligibility for labor ban resolution and restrictions lifting. These are for residing staff's visa sponsorship.

  • Protection against fines or penalties for substandard, unregistered housing that breaks codes.

  • Increased employee satisfaction, well-being, and productivity through proper living amenities

  • Opportunity to house overseas workforce near workplaces for operational convenience reducing commute times.

  • Solid evidence of responsible practices for recruitment audits and ministry inspections. These support future business plans and expansion.

Registration verifies accommodation suitability and builds an organization's credentials. It shows an ethical and community-minded employer committed to sustainability. Here are some of the other aspects regarding MOHRE registered labor accommodation.


Requirements for MOHRE registered labor accommodation

At MOHRE-registered labor accommodation, labor facilities must meet structural standards. These should be along with considerations for residents' comfort, safety, and privacy. The main criteria assessed by inspectors include:



  • Sound, weather-resistant buildings constructed safely with necessary clearances between units.

  • Functional electrical, plumbing, and drainage systems installed by approved contractors.

  • Adequate natural light and cross-ventilation.



Some of the amenities featured in MOHRE registered labor accommodation are as follows: 

  • Separate sleeping quarters for each employee with furnished beds/storage.

  • Proper toilets/showers in adequate ratio to residents.

  • Laundry areas, prayer spaces, and other communal facilities.

  • Reliable utilities including air conditioning and cooled/filtered drinking water.


Health & Safety

The aspects regarding health and safety in MOHRE-registered labor accommodation are as follows:

  • Fire safety equipment like alarms, extinguishers, and emergency exits.

  • Hygienic kitchens/cooking areas meeting FSSC 22000 food safety standards.

  • Pest control and regular disinfection/cleaning services.

  • First aid supplies, maintenance records, etc.



The management aspects for MOHRE registered labor accommodation are as follows:

  • Registered accommodation manager and security staff on-premises.

  • Complaint/suggestion procedures to encourage feedback.

  • Transportation to/from work is facilitated where required.

  • Ensuring criteria coverage helps registration applications smoothly clear administrative reviews.


MOHRE Registration Process

The step-by-step procedure takes 4-6 weeks if all required paperwork is complete. But it is also necessary that the facilities pass physical inspections.


"Declaration of Intent" Form

The “Declaration of Intent” form for MOHRE registered labor accommodation features the following aspects: 

  • Initial notification of housing plan submitted to MOHRE online.


Detailed Application

The detailed application for MOHRE registered labor accommodation includes a compiled and comprehensive registration dossier. These contain layout drawings, operational policies, fire/building compliance certificates, etc.


Preliminary Assessment 

Desktop verification of submitted documents for completeness. Requests for modifications regarding MOHRE registered labor accommodation if needed.


Inspection Scheduling:

Once approved, MOHRE and other relevant authorities carry out on-site verification.



Thorough physical audits of MOHRE registered labor accommodation match standards. Minor issues may be rectified on the spot.


Inspection Clearance 

Final approval and registration issuance if facilities satisfy all criteria.


Certificate Issuance 

Official MOHRE registered labor accommodation License formally recognizing approved status. Having mandatory documents organized from the outset. Thus maintaining accommodation readiness expedites the approval journey.


Post-Registration Requirements

Ongoing compliance maintains registration validity requiring periodic: 



Annual reapplications verifying sustained operations quality for MOHRE registered labor accommodation.


Alteration Approvals

Ministry for MOHRE registered labor accommodation sign-off on any refurbishment/redevelopment works.

Unannounced Audits 

Spot-checks ensuring the upkeep of approved conditions for MOHRE registered labor accommodation.


Incident Reporting 

Informing authorities regarding issues like long-term vacate, damage, etc.

Resident Satisfaction Surveys - Ensuring standards continually meet needs.

Taking registration seriously through proactive management. This keeps facilities certified and avoids penalties for non-compliance like imprisonment or revocation.


Pre-Approved Housing Options

For expediency, many consider pre-registered facilities operated by specialized firms:



Wide range of villas, apartments, and dormitories in key Emirates. These include places like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah fully licensed by MOHRE.


Injazat Real Estate Investment Company

Portfolio of modern complexes across the UAE. It has top-notch amenities like WiFi, gyms, and playgrounds.


Select Group 

Serviced housing solutions tailored to several sectors. These include oil/gas besides customized facility management.


Prime Living

Over 15,000 beds in developments near business hubs furnishing comforts of home.


Vision Housing 

Licensed buildings and dormitories are available on a short/long-term basis. These are for rapid staff accommodation setup.


Vibrant Villages 

Communities integrating work, leisure, and living aligned to sustainability best practices. Pre-configured MOHRE registered options to speed up several aspects. These include staff setup, accessibility, and compliance. Hence, it is a peace of mind for companies of all sizes.


Case Study

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) ensures workers have accommodation. Employers and landlords can register their labor accommodation on the MOHRE website. Here they have to provide information about the housing and supporting facilities. This platform helps in determining the validity of housing and its safety. It ensures that it complies with health and safety guidelines. These also include conducting regular checks according to specific guidelines and requirements. There are a variety of examples including the allocation of a three-square-meter space. Others include a medical service room, kitchen, bathrooms, and prayer and laundry rooms. Additionally, the bedrooms must be made of non-flammable material, air-conditioned, well-ventilated, and well-lit. Landlords are also required to sign contracts with pest control and maintenance companies. This is to ensure the proper upkeep of the accommodation[1].

Employers must provide labor accommodation as part of their obligations. The MOHRE oversees the registration of staff accommodation. They want to ensure compliance with the set standards. It aims to enhance the living conditions of workers and uphold their health and safety[2].

The MOHRE's labor accommodation system allows for the registration of accommodation. The process is carried out through its official website. enabling employers to fulfill their responsibility of providing suitable housing for their staff. This system is part of the MOHRE's efforts to regulate the labor market

. Furthermore, it also ensures the well-being of employees in the UAE[3].










Providing legal, quality staff housing endorsed by MOHRE protects workers' welfare. Furthermore, it is also equally important to the interest of the employers. Registering one's own housing or leveraging specialist operators streamlines the process. Thus, obeying the framework established to benefit people and businesses in the UAE.

Future-proofing operations require diligent and continual reliability. This is demonstrated through periodic renewals and responsiveness to audits. Thus, companies are aligned with the evolving landscape while attracting top talent. They are driven by opportunity and care in one of the world's most iconic destinations.

MOHRE registration establishes employers as community partners. These have organized documents, coordinated teams, and a commitment to standards. These navigations are dedicated to sustainable human capital practices. This shared outlook drives success for workers and the wider economy. Together they help flourish in a collective manner

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